Commodore 64 Top 10 Games To Try

If you’re looking for some retro gaming fun, you might want to check out these 10 best Commodore 64 games based on reviews. These games showcase the variety and creativity of the C64 era, from platformers and shooters to puzzles and adventures.

  • Mayhem in Monsterland: A colorful and fast-paced platformer that was one of the last great C64 exclusives. You play as a dinosaur who has to restore happiness to a gloomy world by collecting stars and magic dust.
  • Paradroid: A top-down shooter where you infiltrate a spaceship overrun by hostile robots. You can take over any robot you encounter by winning a mini-game, and use their weapons and abilities against their own kind.
  • Wizball: A unique shoot ’em up where you control a bouncing ball that can transform into a wizard. You have to collect paint drops to restore color to a monochrome world, while avoiding enemies and obstacles.
  • Impossible Mission: A classic adventure game where you have to stop an evil genius from destroying the world. You explore his tower, searching for puzzle pieces and avoiding deadly traps and robots.
  • Boulder Dash: A puzzle game where you guide Rockford through caves filled with gems, boulders, enemies and explosions. You have to collect enough gems to exit each level, while avoiding being crushed or trapped.
  • Elite: A groundbreaking space trading game that gave you an open-ended galaxy to explore. You could trade goods, fight pirates, upgrade your ship, join factions and even become a pirate yourself.
  • Turrican II: An action-packed run-and-gun game that featured huge levels, diverse weapons, epic bosses and amazing music. You play as Turrican, a cyborg warrior who has to fight against an evil empire.
  • Maniac Mansion: A humorous graphic adventure game that introduced the SCUMM engine later used by LucasArts classics. You control a group of teenagers who have to rescue their friend from a mad scientist’s mansion full of weird characters and puzzles.
  • The Last Ninja: An isometric action-adventure game that combined fighting, stealth and exploration. You play as Armakuni, the last survivor of a ninja clan who has to avenge his brothers and recover a sacred statue from an evil shogun.
  • Monty on the Run: A challenging platformer where you control Monty Mole, a fugitive who has to escape from Britain. You have to collect items, avoid enemies and hazards, and choose your route carefully.

These are just some of the best Commodore 64 games ever made. Have any more to add to the list, why not leave a comment so other gamers can give them a try.

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