The Best Of Gilbert & Sullivan from Reader’s Digest (RDS 460/462)

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The Best Of Gilbert & Sullivan from Reader’s Digest (RDS 460/462). 1963 three album opera boxset that includes the following:


  The Mikado
A1.a If You Want To Know Who We Are  
A1.b A Wand’ring Minstrel I  
A1.c Behold The Lord High Executioner  
A1.d I’ve Got A Little List  
A1.e Comes A Train Of Little Ladies  
A1.f Three Little Maids From School We Are  
A1.g The Moon And I  
A1.h Mi-ya Sa-ma, Mi-ya Sa-ma  
A1.i My Object All Sublime  
A1.j For He’s Gone And Married Yum-Yum  
  The Pirates Of Penzance
B1.a Opening Chorus: Pour, Oh Pour The Pirate Sherry  
B1.b Oh Better Far To Live And Die  
B1.c Climbing Over Rocky Mountain  
B1.d Oh, Is There Not One Maiden Breast  
B1.e Poor Wand’ring One  
B1.f I Am The Very Model Of A Modern Major-General  
B1.g When The Foeman Bares His Steel  
B1.h A Policeman’s Lot Is Not A Happy One  
B1.i With Cat-Like Tread  
  H. M. S. Pinafore
C1.a We Sail The Ocean Blue  
C1.b I’m Called Little Buttercup  
C1.c The Nightingale  
C1.d A Maiden Fair To See  
C1.e I Am The Captain Of The Pinafore  
C1.f Over The Bright Blue Sea  
C1.g Sir Joseph’s Barge Is Seen  
C1.h I Am The Monarch Of The Sea  
C1.i When I Was A Lad  
C1.j Things Are Seldom What They Seem  
C1.k Kind Captain, I’ve Important Information  
C1.l Oh Joy, Oh Rapture Unforeseen!  
D1.a Loudly Let The Trumpet Bray  
D1.b When I Went To The Bar  
D1.c When All Night Long  
D1.d Strephon’s A Member Of Parliament  
D1.e When Britain Really Ruled The Waves  
D1.f Oh, Foolish Fay  
D1.g When You’re Lying Awake  
D1.h My Lord, A Suppliant At Your Feet  
D1.i Soon As We May  
  The Gondoliers
E1.a List And Learn  
E1.b For The Merriest Fellows Are We  
E1.c Thank You, Gallant Gondolieri  
E1.d From The Sunny Spanish Shore  
E1.e I Stole The Prince  
E1.f Bridegroom And Bride  
E1.g When A Merry Maiden Marries  
E1.h Kind Sir, You Cannot Have The Heart  
E1.i Rising Early In The Morning  
E1.j Take A Pair Of Sparkling Eyes  
E1.k On The Day When I Was Wedded  
E1.l Dance A Cachucha  
F1.a I Cannot Tell What This Love May Be  
F1.b The Soldiers Of Our Queen  
F1.c If You’re Anxious For To Shine  
F1.d Prithee, Pretty Maiden  
F1.e Sad Is That Woman’s Lot  
F1.f The Magnet And The Churn  
F1.g So Go To Him  
F1.h If Saphir I Choose To Marry


Albums are in near mint condition. Box has some age related marks but is in very good plus condition. Sleeves are in near mint condition. Includes booklet.

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