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Perfect Image 12 Backup & Protect Suite for PC from Avanquest

Perfect Image 12 Backup & Protect Suite for PC from Avanquest

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Perfect Image 12 Backup & Protect Suite for PC from Avanquest. Manufactures description as follows:



* The Complete, Award-winning Suite to Backup, Protect and Recover Your PC.
* Protect your PC and everything on it against system crash, hard drive failure, viruses etc.
* Backup your entire PC – including operating system, applications, settings for Microsoft® Office, iTunes® etc.
* Backup your precious digital property – photos, videos, music, documents, spreadsheets etc.
* Moving to a new PC? Includes Disk Copy & Clean (worth £19.99) to ease PC migration and erase your old hard drive.
* Quick and easy recovery – no reinstallations required, getting you up and running in minutes!
* New! Backup files and folders even while they’re open or in-use.
* New! Incremental File Backup – backup just files which have been modified since the last backup.
* New! Exclude unnecessary files or folders from a backup image, reducing backup size.
* New! Easy-to-use interface and Blu-ray disc support.

Manufacturer’s Description:
Perfect Image 12 Backup & Protect Suite includes all you need to copy and protect your PC and everything on it. Protect against system or hard drive failure, viruses and accidental deletion by backing up everything on your PC for quick and easy recovery. Plus, it can help you migrate to a new PC with ease!

Key Features
Backup and Protect PCs against disaster (system & hard drive failure, viruses, accidental deletion) - don’t take the chance of losing the data that’s important to you.

Create an exact copy of your PC – backup files, folders, settings for Microsoft® Office, iTunes®, operating system, preferences and data.

Backup precious files, folders, photos, videos, music etc – even while files are open or in use.

One-Click Copy Wizard – automatically selects what to backup and the best location.

Activeback™ Technology creates backups continuously and automatically for up-to-the-minute backups without scheduling or user interruptions.

New! Incremental File Backup saves time and space by just backing up the changes made since last backup.

New! Save space by backing up only the data you want, excluding unnecessary files.

Easily clone your hard disk to deploy a new one .

Works with a wide range of storage devices: Jazz®, ZIP®, local and network drives, CD-R(W), DVD-R(W), Blu-ray, USB drives – or split backup across multiple volumes.

Restore your PC in minutes including operating system, settings, preferences, documents etc – no reinstallations required - getting you back up and running again in minutes!

Restore wizard enables quick and easy disaster recovery – to get your PC up and running in minutes!

Browse backup images to restore individual files and folders or entire partitions or hard disks.

Includes a powerful recovery CD in case of an unbootable system.

Create your own recovery media on a USB stick, CD or DVD to boot in case of system corruption or boot problems.

Move to a new PC easily, & safely erase your old hard drive.

Includes Disk Copy & Clean (worth £19.99) to migrate to a new PC quickly and easily.

Automatically transfers programs, applications, settings, preferences, data, operating system etc. in just one click.

Runs even if the operating system is no longer working or stable.

Works with all PC-based operating systems and USB drives, supports all hard drives.

Erases the old hard drive to ensure it is unrecoverable, protecting against identity theft.

Easily clone your hard disk to deploy a new one.

What’s New in Version 12?

New Improved Interface - New Wizards, Icons and Refreshed Colour Scheme, improving navigation and simplifying tasks.

New File & Folder Backup - An innovative file-level protection system allowing users to protect all files including emails, photos, music, spreadsheets, videos through the creation of a backup copy.

Also allows backup of open and in-use files, creating a comprehensive backup system combining the benefits of snap-shot based and file-based approaches.

Incremental File Backup - Can be applied to the File & Folder backup, or the Drive & Partition backup as a complementary file to a backup image.

Checks the binary level for file changes, rather than simply the file name.

File & Folder Exclusion - Allows unnecessary files or folders to be excluded from a backup image, reducing the size of resulting images.

USB Recovery Media Builder - Create bootable media on a USB flash drive (or CD, DVD or floppy), then boot the PC directly from the flash drive in case of operating system corruption or boot problems.

Blu-ray Disc Support - Backup to Blu-ray Disc, (25GB – 50GB of data).

GPT Drive Support - Now supports large drives, greater than 2TB.

Mac & Linux Support - Use the Linux boot CD to backup and restore your Mac or Linux system.

32 and 64-bit Operating System Support.


In box with instructions and CD. Tested and working.

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