10 Classic ZX Spectrum Games To Try

If you are a fan of retro gaming, you might want to check out some of the best ZX Spectrum games based on reviews. The ZX Spectrum was one of the first home computers in the UK that offered a variety of games for different tastes and genres. Here are 10 of them that you should try:

  • Elite – Firebird Games: A groundbreaking 3D space combat-and-trading simulator that lets you explore an entire alternative universe.
  • R-Type – Electric Dreams Software: A faithful port of the arcade classic shoot ’em up that challenges you with hordes of alien enemies and huge bosses.
  • Chuckie Egg – A’n’F Software: A simple but addictive platformer where you have to collect eggs and avoid angry birds and ducks.
  • Manic Miner – Bug-Byte Software: A quirky and colorful platformer where you have to guide Miner Willy through 20 caverns filled with traps and enemies.
  • Knight Lore – Ultimate Play The Game: A revolutionary isometric adventure game where you have to find a cure for your werewolf curse before time runs out.
  • Back to Skool – Microsphere: A hilarious sequel to Skool Daze where you have to cause mischief at school while avoiding teachers and bullies.
  • Football Manager – Addictive Games: The original football management simulation game that lets you take charge of your own team and compete in various leagues and cups.
  • Lunar Jetman – Ultimate Play The Game: A fast-paced action game where you have to drive a moon buggy, shoot aliens, and destroy their bases.
  • Horace Goes Skiing – Beam Software: A fun arcade game where you have to help Horace cross a busy road, rent skis, and hit the slopes without crashing.
  • Boulder Dash – Front Runner: A puzzle game where you have to dig through dirt, collect diamonds, and avoid falling rocks and enemies.

These are just some of the best ZX Spectrum games based on reviews. There are many more gems waiting for you to discover on this iconic computer. Have any more to add to the list, why not leave a comment so other gamers can give them a try.

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